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Food porn! This homemade guacamole is not only tasty but healthy and vegan! I add 1/2 can of organic white kidney beans per avocado when I make it. That cuts down on the fat and adds protein. A healthy vegan lifestyle has helped me stay “fit after fifty.”

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I’ll be back home in Colorado Springs in February and I’ll be ready to shoot! I’ll also be walking in the fashion shows at GalaxyFest showcasing some designs by Diana Carver! And I find out if I made the cut for the GalaxyFest Cosplay Calendar on the 10th ❤
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I’m so excited to be a calendar finalist for Galaxy Fest! Check out their FaceBook page GalaxyFest AfterDark to see all the finalists!
My entry is my Silk Spectre (Sally Jupiter version) taken by Mike Goodell of Images by Goodell
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Mizuho & Eve Parker

The Mizuho (from the anime and manga Onegai! Sensei or Please! Teacher) photographs from my session with Rick Rmuse are now uploaded under the Gallery/Cosplay section.

Model: Tonya L. De Marco

Photographer: Rick Rmuze of Rmuze Photography

MUAH: Makeup By Cait


Additionally, the extended photo session of my original character Eve Parker (The Two Faces of Eve) have been uploaded to the gallery.

Costume designed and Built by:  Tonya L. De Marco
Photographer:  Lynn Deming of Deming Creations
Make-up: Makeup by Cait

What Is a Cosplayer?


Cosplaying is an expression of fandom. You are probably aware of fandom in a sense that fans of say, NASCAR, will often support their favorite driver by wearing T-shirts, hats etc. That is an expression of fandom.

A cosplayer is a person that is a fan of anime, manga, comics, gaming, certain movies or TV shows who dresses in a costume of a particular character and takes on aspects or traits of that character. COSPLAY comes from COStume and PLAY -as in PLAY acting. I hope that helps!!

Photo credits:
Costume Designed and Built by: Tonya L. De Marco
Photographer: David Bowers of Red Cliff Photography
MUAH: Tonya L. De Marco

More Photo Galleries Added

Several new galleries have been added, including:

  • Cosplay:
    • Mrs. Peacock from the board game Clue
    • Silk Spectre (the original Sally Jupiter version)
    • Yuzuki from Alive Z
  • Modeling
    • The Blue Gown
    • The Patriot
    • Professional Pin-Ups

I’ve been focusing more on the cosplay side, but more from both categories are coming soon!