Garden of Eden (Biblical Legends Anthology Series)

Fifteen authors give their interpretation of the Garden of Eden, addressing the speculative question, “Who was with Adam and Eve in the garden?” Contains flash fiction stories, short stories, poetry, and one essay with a diverse range of characters that include

  • Dust motes
  • Gnomes
  • Water Rats
  • Roaches
  • Ghosts
  • Con-job Robots
  • Angels
  • Virtual characters
  • and more!

You’ll be surprised, shocked, frightened, and amused. Every page is riddled with great prose from great writers. These authors take speculative fiction into a whole new arena with weird characters and strange situations.

Editor Allen Taylor is a poet and fiction writer who wanted to offer something different in the speculative fiction marketplace. The Biblical Legends Anthology Series begins with Garden of Eden and continues through Bible stories from Genesis to Revelation, offering different perspectives that will live on forever.