In addition to modeling, cosplay, and writing, Tonya L. De Marco is a panelist and cosplay judge. Here are some of the events she has appeared at as a panelist and judge. Updated quarterly.

SpoCon 2017, Spokane, WA

  • Scheduled to attend.

Malcon 2017, Denver, CO

  • Scheduled to attend.

Archon 41, 2017, St. Louis, MO

  • Scheduled to attend.

StarFest 2017, Denver, CO

  1. Diversity and Putting the Punk in Steampunk
    The 1800’s happened everywhere, not just in upper-class Britain. Come explore ways you can add diversity to your steampunk stories and costumes, and chat about what ‘punk’ really means in Steampunk.  With Peter Wacks, Sam Knight, Tonya L. De Marco, Carolyn Fritz and Chaz Kemp.
  2. Supporting Casts and Creatures
    Let’s hear it for the bit part players! It’s not enough to write compelling heroes. No, you need a cast of sidekics, monsters, fools, mentors and mirrors. How to chose the right supporting characters to help (or hinder) the star! With James Hunter, Kal Spriggs, Tonya L. De Marco, Amity Green and Scott Beckman.
  3. Steampunk Character Creation
    Have you ever wondered how authors come up with characters? Not everyone’s lucky enough to have a crazy Uncle Ned or Cousin Betty to base one on. Come hang out, and help us develop a spunky Steampunk character in this interactive panel. With Tonya L. De Marco, Sam Knight, Chaz Kemp and Carolyn Fritz.
  4. Villains, Masterminds and Ne’er-do-wells
    Time to give the bad guys (and wicked ladies) their due! A hero is only as good as the obstacle in front of them. How does one make the antagonist powerful enough to challenge the protagonist without going too far? Dance with the devil in the pale moonlight courtesy of Kal Spriggs, David Boop, Tonya L. De Marco, Scott Beckman and Peter J. Wacks.
  5. Why Do I Need an Editor? (The Self-pub/ Indie panel)
    Self editing. We all think we can do it. But should we? What tricks does the writer mind play on us? For the writer striking out (mostly) on your own, this is the panel you need before you post that short story, chapter sample, or book! With Rebecca Moesta, Betsy Dornbusch, Tonya L. De Marco, Scott Beckman and Sam Knight.

GalaxyFest 2017, Colorado Springs, CO

  1. Steampunk Cosplay.
    Methods to create steampunk costuming.
  2. The AfterDark Fashion Show (21+).
    Model for designs by Dianna Carver on Friday and Saturday nights.

Archon 40, 2016, St. Louis, MO

  1. Naming Characters
  2. Concept to Costume
  3. Favorite SF&F Classics
  4. Turning Up the Heat: Writing Adult Content (21+)
  5. Modesty in Cosplay
  6. Cosplay Does Not Equal Consent

Archon 39, 2015, St. Louis, MO

  • .

Steampunk Convention With a Twist, Grand Junction, CO, 2015
(Costuming Guest of Honor)

  1. Modesty in Cosplay/Costuming
  2. Writing Professionally
  3. Costume Contest Judge
  4. Self Publishing
  5. Beginning Cosplay/Cosplay

AnomalyCon, Denver, CO, 2015

  1. Build A Story (Author Track Workshop)

Denver Comic Con, Denver, CO, 2015

  1. Building the World: One Lego Brick at a Time
  2. The Better Half: Sidekicks in Fiction
  3. Speedy Stories – The Craft of Flash Fiction
  4. Wish You Were There: World Building

Myths & Legends Con (MALCON), Denver, CO, 2015

  1. Establish a Brand: For creative individuals.
    Creating a brand can be one of the most difficult, yet crucial, steps. What marketing steps do you have to take to truly establish a brand? Julie Campbell, Thomas A Fowler, Jeanne Stein, Tonya L. De Marco
  2. Unsung Heroines of Fandom
    With Professor McGonagall as a starting point, who are some of the great unsung heroines of fiction/fandom? Who do we revere and why? The same goes for villainesses. Kathryn Renta, Jeanne Stein, Tonya L. De Marco
  3. Creating a Writing System
    Very few authors have the luxury of strictly writing. Those starting out will definitely need supplemental income. Discover ways to establish a writing life that works for your lifestyle. Lou Berger, Eneasz Brodski, Tonya L. De Marco
  4. Steampunk in Fiction: Is London Dead?
    There is plenty of steampunk taking place in London. Indeed, the mass market, when it has delved into a sub-genre they still don’t seem to quite understand, they’ve stuck with the tried-and-true “All of the Victorian Era Was In London” approach. But the sun didn’t set on the British Empire during Victoria’s time, and there are growing examples of steampunk in other countries. Have we worn out foggy London as a place where gears and corsets reign? Quincy J Allen, Jessica Brawner, Guy Anthony De Marco, Tonya L. De Marco
  5. How Not to Get Published
    Discuss some of the pitfalls involved in the pursuit of a writing career. What are some of the gotchas and consequences? Authors will talk about their experiences and, in some cases, how they’ve shot themselves in the foot. Guy Anthony De Marco, Sam Knight, Tonya L. De Marco
  6. The Trials and Triumphs of Short Fiction
    Discuss what it’s like to work the short fiction market, from getting into Gratis Anthologies all the way up to Pro sales. How do you climb that ladder, and what’s the fastest route into the big leagues? David Boop, Julie Campbell, Tonya L. De Marco

Animeland Wasabi, Denver, CO, 2014

  1. Working with Others in a Group/Consortium
    Quincy J. Allen, Guy Anthony De Marco, Lou J. Berger, Peter J. Wacks, Kathryn S. Renta, Tonya L. De Marco
  2. Writing 101
    Quincy J. Allen, Guy Anthony De Marco, Lou J. Berger, Peter J. Wacks, Tonya L. De Marco
  3. NaNoWriMo
    Quincy J. Allen, Guy Anthony De Marco, Lou J. Berger, Peter J. Wacks, Kathryn S. Renta, Tonya L. De Marco
  4. Professionalism in the Face of Adversity
    Quincy J. Allen, Guy Anthony De Marco, Lou J. Berger, Peter J. Wacks, Kathryn S. Renta, Tonya L. De Marco
  5. The Hobbit: 2 Movies or 3?
    Quincy J. Allen, Guy Anthony De Marco, Lou J. Berger, Peter J. Wacks, Kathryn S. Renta, Tonya L. De Marco
  6. Mining for Story Nuggets
    Quincy J. Allen, Guy Anthony De Marco, Lou J. Berger, Peter J. Wacks, Tonya L. De Marco
  7. World Building
    Quincy J. Allen, Guy Anthony De Marco, Lou J. Berger, Peter J. Wacks, Tonya L. De Marco
  8. Who’s the Villain?
  9. Quincy J. Allen, Guy Anthony De Marco, Lou J. Berger, Peter J. Wacks, Tonya L. De Marco
  10. Indie or Traditional?
    Quincy J. Allen, Guy Anthony De Marco, Lou J. Berger, Peter J. Wacks, Tonya L. De Marco
  11. Marketing & Social Media
    Quincy J. Allen, Guy Anthony De Marco, Lou J. Berger, Peter J. Wacks, Kathryn S. Renta, Tonya L. De Marco

RadCon, Pasco, WA, 2014

  1. The Handsome Authors Society Entertains Your Children
    Join HAS as they provide coloring book activities and read from Fairy Punk Studios Library including The Little Airship that Could and Sam Knight’s children’s books Chunky Monkey Pupu and The Ant that Held Down the Mountain.
  2. Couture Sewing
    Ready to take your costume/cosplay to the next level? Discuss special sewing techniques for making beautiful welt pockets, buttonhole finishes, shirring, gathering, and hem finishes that will make your costume stand out from the rest.
  3. Don’t Fear the Zipper
    Zippers, buttons, and purposefully puffy sleeves! Our sewing experts will discuss how to tackle those finishing details that often frustrate the beginning sewer.
  4. The Handsome Author Society Presents “Sitting at the Cool Kids’ Table”
    We’ve all been there, waiting on the sidelines, watching the big-name, best-selling authors all having fun together. Well, not anymore. We’re going to tell you how to be one of the cool kids so that they’ll want to sit at your table. Whether you’re self, small press or traditionally published, the H.A.S. shares secrets to successful networking.

AnomalyCon, Denver, CO, 2014

  1. Costume Dilemmas Roundtable
    Bring your problems and our panel will try to help you solve them.
  2. Costume Contest
    Tonya L. De Marco was a judge at the contest.
  3. Editing Nightmares: The worst Manuscript Ever
    A light and funny discussion of some mistakes we’ve seen. Keep these painful experiences in mind before you hit the “submit” button next.
  4. Liberating Female Garb: Beyond Victoriana
    Costuming beyond traditional women’s wear and how to wear a corset with flair.
  5. Multicultural SteamPunk Fashion
    A discussion of Steampunk fashion outside of the England Victorian Period.
  6. Recreating Historical Fashion with Sensible Materials
    A discussion on whether or not to use today’s modern materials and fabrics or stick with the historically accurate.
  7. Strange Artifacts Presents-American Steampunk Fashion Show for Japan
    Fashion Show Participant

Denver Comic Con, Denver, CO, 2014

  1. Authors Versus Fans: The Throwdown-
    An open discussion between writers and fans for discussing the relationship between artists and audience. What do fans WANT from their favorite authors? What do authors WANT from their fans? What’s the best ways authors can give fans the stories they crave? How can fans make sure their favorite authors continue to thrill them?
  2. Marketing for Writers and Artists
    Discussion. You’ve published a story, novel, or comic….now what? An open discussion on marketing your work without it taking over your life.

OsFest 7, Omaha, NE, 2014

  1. Cosplay 101
    What if you don’t sew? Discuss the basics of how to assemble a hall costume from thrift store, antique store and retail finds.
  2. Modesty in Cosplay
    Don’t like to show a lot of skin? Discuss ways to modify your costumes for your comfort level.
  3. Writing on the Dark Side
    What makes writing horror and dark fantasy different from other stories? Where does the inspiration come from?
  4. Marketing, Crowdsourcing, and Social Media 101
    Learn how to use this tool and not abuse it.

Myths and Legends Con (MalCon), Denver, CO, 2014

  1. Where Does Firefly Go From Here?
    So Firefly was cut short. There are rumors of a graphic novel. There are rumors of a restart. Can what was be resurrected into what is? Should it be? If so, how?
  2. Modesty in Cosplay
    Don’t like to show a lot of skin? Discuss ways to modify your costumes to for your comfort level.
  3. Costuming 101
    How do get started in costuming and cosplay? Join our panel as we discuss what you need to know to decide which cosplay to make, how to research for the project, how to find or make wigs, props, clothing, armor, etc. Learn how to take care of yourself and others while in costume. Great for beginners and those in a rut that need a little push back into the hobby.
  4. Overdue for a Female Who?
    There are rumors galore about the 12th Who being female. Good thing? Bad thing? Was it catering to the “strong women” themes throughout the industry and how would it have affected the whole of Who-dome (if at all)?

SpoCon, Spokane, WA, 2014

  1. The Science of Steampunk
    Airships, Steam Cannons, Clockwork Limbs: Understanding the science behind steampunk gadgets. Developing unique items when world building.
  2. The Handsome Author Society Presents: Sitting at the Cool Kids’ Table
    What is a marketing collective and how can it fast track your writing career? Come listen to the Handsome Author Society talk about what a difference a year can make in author’s lives when they pool resources. The team will share their secrets and tips to writing and marketing success.
  3. Whose Plot is it Anyway?
    Join our Media and Gaming Guests and Pro’s as we test out their Improv Skills. Can they handle what we have in store for them? Awkward Landing Party, Scenes from a Helmet, Props!, and more. Oh my… Audience participation will be highly encouraged.
  4. To Kill or Not to Kill?
    The hero going down in a blaze of glory and sacrifice is often a beacon of hope and martyrdom to those who love them, but the one cut down needlessly in their prime can turn readers against an author faster than Smith became Capaldi. The death of a beloved character can make or break a writer, but where do you draw the line? When is it right to kill a character, and when should you leave well enough alone? Join a panel of experts to discuss when you — and your readers — should say goodbye.
  5. Gory vs Eerie: Effective Character use in Horror
    What kinds of characters are best used to scare the poo out of your readers? Some feel those who spill the most blood and guts are better. Others think the mystery and tension of a mad genius’ deviance is the way to go. Still others enjoy a bone-chilling mix of evil. Join a panel of professional horror writers as they discuss the freakiest characters of them all!
  6. The Handsome Author Society Entertains your Children
    Coloring, reading and fun! The H.A.S. has published children’s books including several Fairypunk titles (think steampunk re-envisioning of fairytales.) We’ll read to them, let them color pages and just be kids for a whole 45 mins. Enjoy the break and let us do the entertaining!


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