Traveling to Conventions

My husband and I travel to quite a number of conventions every year, generally a total of twelve to fifteen. Although many of the cons are local, we do attend select events around the country, often as far as 1200-1300 miles away.  A twenty five hundred mile round trip for a convention is an easy 4-6 hour flight and maybe an additional day’s stay at the con hotel. However, our normal course of action is usually to drive the distance.

Our perspective on what constitutes a “day trip” is a bit skewed. Many of our author friends and fellow con-goers find our preferred method of travel somewhat less than sane. Agreeably, driving does have disadvantages.

We receive the gift of hours of conversation, uninterrupted by FaceBook  notifications or incoming emails. It’s just the two of us, unplugged and thoroughly exposed to one another. Eighties music often plays in the background, reminding us of younger days and good times past. My husband sometimes even sings along in his best Arnold Schwarzenegger  impersonation. Our bonds of love and friendship are renewed and strengthened and we’ve reconnected.

Pen and paper are always at the ready because, as is like to happen with creative minds, we use this time to brainstorm as well. I have notebooks filled with ideas, outlines and plot summaries.

Originally published on October 2014.

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