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StarFest 2017

 Friday April 21

9:00pm Panel Room 2

 Diversity and Putting the Punk in Steampunk:

The 1800’s happened everywhere, not just in upper-class Britain. Come explore ways you can add diversity to your steampunk stories and costumes, and chat about what ‘punk’ really means in Steampunk.  With Peter Wacks, Sam Knight, Tonya DeMarco, Carolyn Fritz and Chaz Kemp.


Saturday, April 22


8:30am Panel Room 2

 Supporting Casts and Creatures:

Let’s hear it for the bit part players! It’s not enough to write compelling heroes. No, you need a cast of sidekics, monsters, fools, mentors and mirrors. How to chose the right supporting characters to help (or hinder) the star! With James Hunter, Kal Spriggs, Tonya DeMarco, Amity Green and Scott Beckman.

7:00pm Panel Room 3

 Steampunk Character Creation:

Have you ever wondered how authors come up with characters? Not everyone’s lucky enough to have a crazy Uncle Ned or Cousin Betty to base one on. Come hang out, and help us develop a spunky Steampunk character in this interactive panel. With Tonya DeMarco, Sam Knight, Chaz Kemp and Carolyn Fritz.


Sunday, April 23


12:30pm Panel Room 3

 Villains, Masterminds and Ne’er-do-wells:

Time to give the bad guys (and wicked ladies) their due! A hero is only as good as the obstacle in front of them. How does one make the antagonist powerful enough to challenge the protagonist without going too far? Dance with the devil in the pale moonlight courtesy of Kal Spriggs, David Boop, Tonya DeMarco, Scott Beckman and Peter J. Wacks.

2:30pm Panel Room 3

 Why Do I Need an Editor? (The Self-pub/ Indie panel):

Self editing. We all think we can do it. But should we? What tricks does the writer mind play on us? For the writer striking out (mostly) on your own, this is the panel you need before you post that short story, chapter sample, or book! With Rebecca Moesta, Betsy Dornbusch, Tonya DeMarco, Scott Beckman and Sam Knight. 

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