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So, I used to keep a journal. I wrote normal journal type entries and some poetry and also a few short stories.

I'm going to start posting some of these. 
Following is a poem I wrote on February 17,1984.
I was twenty years old and I hadn't had a lot of luck with love so far in my life.
"Statues of love fallen on their sides,
No more the soft winds shall they ride.
Follow the cold, and the hard, and the cheerless,
Don't even make an attempt to be fearless.
The fear and the nubness are what's left within,
Nothing like the special feelings I felt with him.
So, I'm off to the land of the broken-hearted,
That dark, empty place where time is not charted.
When the heart heals and a smile brightens my eye,
They'll send me home, never again to cry.
But time will not help me, I'll be forever,
Unless he returns and we can again be together."

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