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Rhymes and Reasons: A book of my thoughts, feelings, loves, and of my everyday life.

Journal entry December 2, 1981
Once upon a time, a long time ago before any of us were born; even before we were the germ of an idea in our parents' minds, a young woman heard voices in the sky.
She looked up and gazed in wonderment at the large, noisy birds who were so beautiful in their perfet, V-shaped formation. She was so moved by this sight that she leapt up from the wicker chair in which she had been sitting and cried, "Oh God! Would that I could fly with them!"
How many of us, I wonder, have had this very thought. I am not referring to the desire to become and aviator, but to the simple flight that allows one to go on with his own life.The courage to make the decisions about his own future; the ability to carry these decisions through.
This is how I want to fly.

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